Tennessee Transfer Pathway

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR), in cooperation with the University of Tennessee (UT) system, is announcing the creation of a universal transfer pathway ensuring students' ability to make timely and cost-effective transitions from community colleges in Tennessee to our universities.

Students at Southwest who choose majors with an accompanying transfer pathway, complete required courses and earn an associate's degree can transition seamlessly as a junior to any Tennessee public university. Some specific academic programs, such as Nursing where class sizes are limited, may have competitive admissions based on enrollment, but students will be advised about any requirements when they first enroll in the program.

All earned credit hours will apply toward a bachelor's degree in the same discipline. The pathway also guarantees admission to all public universities in the state, except for UT Knoxville, where competitive admission standards will still apply.

This pathway will provide "academic roadmaps" for students and are expected to increase the number of transfer students here at campuses across our system, while ensuring students do not waste time or money in the process.

Visit their website to learn more about the Tennessee Transfer Pathway program.