Tennessee Promise (TN Promise) Appeals Process

Students enrolled at Southwest wishing to appeal the loss of Tennessee Promise eligibility must complete the Appeal to Reinstate Tennessee Form (PDF) [Size: 148 KB], requires Adobe Reader (opens new window). Along with the form, provide a detailed letter explaining the request for an appeal, and provide supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office. Once the appeal form with all documentation is received, it will be immediately forwarded to the Institutional Review Panel (IRP).

Based on the date received, it may take the IRP up to 14 calendar days to process the appeal. If the appeal is approved eligibility will be reinstated for current and future terms pending Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) program guidelines. If the appeal is denied, students may appeal directly to the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) within forty-five calendar days from the date of the decision letter from the IRP. A copy of the decision letter from the IRP is required by TSAC.

What can you appeal?

  • Change of enrollment from full-time to part-time status (student drops below 12 credit hours in a single semester without approval from the institution)
  • Completion of FAFSA verification by the institutional deadline if required
  • Leave of absence for allowable medical and personal reasons

What can you not appeal?

  • Loss of eligibility notice due to GPA dropping below 2.0. (Students have the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters to earn a GPA above 2.0)
  • Loss of eligibility due to not meeting the community service requirement (April 1 community service is not mandatory)
  • Loss of eligibility due to not submitting the FAFSA application by the required deadline

Medical and Personal Reasons for a Tennessee Promise Appeal

  • Illness of the student
  • Illness or death of an immediate family member
  • Extreme financial hardship of the student or student's immediate family
  • To fulfill a religious commitment expected of all students of that faith
  • Any other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student's control where continued attendance by the student creates a substantial hardship
  • Acceptable reasons shall also include a student's participation in an internship or co-op program that is required or encouraged as part the academic program in which he or she is enrolled

To file an appeal, complete the Appeal to Reinstate Tennessee Form (PDF) [Size: 148 KB], requires Adobe Reader (opens new window) and submit it to the Financial Aid Office on the Macon Cove or Union Avenue campus. You can call the Financial Aid Office at 901-333-5960.