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Understanding Your COMPASS and ACT Test Scores

Your advisor will use these scores to determine in which course you should be placed.

Entry Scores and Course Placement
Subject Category ACT Subject Score COMPASS
Concorded Score and Domain
Course Placement
English (Writing) 18 and above 77 and above College Level
17 and below 76 and below ENGL 1010-English Composition I and ENGL 0810-English Support
Reading 19 and above 83 and above College Level
15-18 61-82 * SPCH 1010-Fund of Speech Communication and READ 0811-Read Support for SPCH 1010
* PSYC 1030-General Psychology and READ 0812-Reading Support for PSYC 1030
14 and below 60 and below * ACAD 1100-Academic Success Seminar and READ 0810-Reading Support for ACAD 1100
* INFS 1010-Computer Applications and READ 0813-Reading Support for INFS 1010
Math 19 and above 38 and above College Level
18 and below 37 and below MATH 1000-Essentials of Algebra and MATH 0100-Support Course for Essentials of Algebra
MATH 1530-Probability and Statistics and MATH 0530-Support Course for Probability and Statistics
MATH 1410-Math for Elementary Education and MATH 0410-Support Course for Math for Elementary Education 1
MATH 1630-Finite Mathematics and MATH 0630-Support Course for Finite Mathematics

*Choice between the two can be based on degree program requirement.

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