Proctored Exams (Distance Learning)

The Testing Center provides test administration services for students affiliated with out-of-town colleges/universities. The student must contact their school for all requirements and set up a testing time with the Southwest Testing Center. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the home school and make all necessary arrangements. Information may be emailed to the Testing Center or mailed directly to:

Southwest Tennessee Community College
5983 Macon Cove
Farris Building, Room 2182
Memphis, TN 38134

Additional Information

  • The testing fee is $15/hour and must be paid after the exam. A receipt must be returned to the Testing Center before the testing materials will be sent to the home school.
  • All tests or access to online tests must be sent to the Testing Center office prior to the scheduled test date.
  • The examinee should call to confirm the appointment date and to confirm the arrival of testing materials at least one day prior to testing.
  • All examinees must present a picture ID for admittance into the testing room.
  • Materials needing to be returned by mail will be returned via United States Postal System unless otherwise specified. Charges may apply in some cases.
  • All proctored exams are given at the Macon Cove Campus.