Perkins IV-Articulation

Southwest Articulation Process

Articulated credit will be awarded to students using Direct Transcription. The process will consist of the following steps.

  1. High School administrators/teachers complete Student Competency Form for student to take articulated class/classes.
  2. High School student takes articulated class/classes.
  3. Upon completion of the articulated course, the student must possess a minimum B average for the course and OR pass a state competency exam. A competency exam administered by Southwest faculty will be completed in select departments. (Faculty will submit graded exams to Perkins IV Coordinator within five (5) working days.)
  4. High School personnel send articulation documentation (i.e. Student Competency Form and transcript) to the Perkins IV office located on Southwest's Union Avenue campus.
  5. Perkins IV Coordinator validates all documentation, creates a student file and authorizes the Office of Admissions and Records at Southwest to escrow articulated credit with a letter grade.
  6. Perkins IV Coordinator sends congratulatory letter and application packet to parent/guardian of student.
  7. Within two years of graduation from high school, student submits Southwest application packet to the college's Office of Admissions and Records.
  8. Upon completion of registration process, the office of Admissions and Records transfers escrowed credit into official transcript and sends letter of acknowledgement to student.

Each high school must provide the following documentation to the Perkins IV office to ensure student credit:

  • Student Competency form
  • Copy of transcript