Workforce Investment Area #13 Youth Council

The College is a member of the state of Tennessee's Workforce Investment system designated as Area #13. Workforce Investment Area #13 Youth Council works in collaboration with the local workforce investment board to ensure the design and implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated, and integrated youth development program.

The Business-Education Collaboratives Department directs the activities of the Youth Council in order to better prepare students in the emerging workforce for lifelong careers and family sustaining jobs.

The mission of the Youth Council is to work in collaboration with the local workforce investment board to ensure the design and implementation of a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated youth development system/strategy that:

  • Utilizes young people as active partners with a strong sense of ownership
  • Rallies committed partners in support of the vision
  • Establishes a single set of priorities and performance criteria for youth programming within the local area
  • Coordinates youth programming across categorical funding streams
  • Builds strong connections to public schools
  • Responds to business needs
  • Infuses youth programming with best practices

The scope and responsibility for the Youth Council is as follows:

  • To develop portions of the local plan relating to a comprehensive youth service delivery system for the Local Workforce Investment Board
  • To establish criteria and oversight for the Local Workforce Investment Board to award youth provider activity grants
  • To conduct oversight of youth activity providers
  • To coordinate youth activities in the local area
  • The Youth Council's program elements include:

Systematic and extensive attention (tutoring, study skills training, instruction, dropout prevention strategies) to improving basic educational skills toward the attainment of a high school diploma and perhaps, eventual matriculation to college

Alternative secondary school services

  • Summer employment opportunities that are directly linked to academic and occupational learning
  • Paid and unpaid meaningful work experiences, including internships and job shadowing, in a well-supervised context that enables youth to learn marketable skills and good work habits while producing something of value
  • Occupational/career skills training, as appropriate
  • Leadership development activities, which may include community service and peer-centered activities encouraging responsibility and other positive social behaviors during non-school hours

Supportive services

  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling, which may include drug and alcohol abuse counseling and referral, as appropriate
  • Adult mentoring for the period of participation and a subsequent period, for a total of no less than twelve months
  • Follow-up services for not less than twelve months after completion of participation
  • For additional information about The Alliance, call 901-333-4214 or email