Office Technology Policy on Student Professional Conduct

Faculty in Office Technology courses strive to teach the skills and competencies needed for successful office professionals as well as standards of professional conduct.

Students maintain primary responsibility for the following professional standards of classroom conduct:


  • Students are expected to attend class regularly (see individual instructor’s policy)
  • In online courses, attendance is limited to the actual submission of assignments, not simply logging onto the course.

Classroom Etiquette

  • Turn off cellular telephones, pagers, or any other distracting devices before coming into classrooms and labs
  • Dress appropriately
    • Students are expected to use good taste in considering appropriate dress on campus. They should dress in a manner appropriate to their position as college students preparing for professional and career employment. (Excerpt from the Student Handbook)
    • Professional office dress will not always be necessary; there will be times that business dress will be required, such as presentations, mock interviews, or other situations as defined by the faculty member.

Academic Preparedness/Participation

  • Read the assigned lessons
  • Prepare for class with books, homework, etc.
  • Complete and hand in assignments on time
  • Complete all tests on the date scheduled


  • Actively communicate with the instructor
  • Be fair, accurate, and respectful in all communications with fellow students, staff, and faculty
  • Respond to constructive criticism from faculty in an appropriate manner