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Access and Diversity

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"Diversity is vitally important to Southwest as reflected in the college's values and strategic plan. Without question, Southwest is committed to becoming a leader in fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, cultivated, and affirmed as an important dimension of all college activities. Recognition of and respect for the uniqueness of individuals, groups, and cultures are an integral part to the success of Southwest. Diversity is a means to excellence. This means that we must enhance the academic success and personal development of all - irrespective of culture, socioeconomic status, beliefs, national origin, physical condition, age, gender and face."

Southwest provides opportunities to all individuals it serves that will enable them to become productive members of their communities. Special emphasis is placed on teaching and lifelong learning. We offer an environment where access to academic and personal support services is provided to ensure that all students have an opportunity to achieve academic and career success.

As of September 2010, the Office of Access and Diversity reports to the Office of Special Academic Programs. Special Academic Programs consist of the following areas:

Name/Title Numbers Location
Angela K. Ventura-Wooten
Executive Director
901-333-5272 Union Avenue Campus, B Building, Room 212
901-333-5204 (Fax)
901-333-5272 Macon Cove Campus, Farris Building, Room 2001
Barbara Helton
901-333-5222 (Fax)
Union Avenue Campus, B Building, Room 221
Irene Coriaty
Retention Specialist
901-333-5121 Union Avenue Campus, B Building, Room 212
901-333-5204 (Fax)
901-333-4634 Macon Cove Campus, Academic Building, Wing B, Room 255

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