Math Learning Support


Math learning support consists of five competency modules designed to help students develop the necessary mathematical skills to enter a college-level mathematics course. Students in math learning support will receive individualized instruction in an emporium model classroom.

Computer-based, individualized instruction courses covering the five Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) competency modules:

Grading Information

MATH 0810 Math Learning Support I

Students must master three of the five modules to receive a grade of "C" or higher. Students who complete one or two of the five modules will receive an "N" in-progress grade. Students may complete all five modules while enrolled in MATH 0810 and have MATH 0820 waived.

MATH 0820 Math Learning Support II

Students must master the remaining required modules to receive a grade of "C" or higher. Students who complete one of the remaining two required modules will receive an "N" in-progress grade.

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Students taking Math Learning Support will be required to purchase a MyLabsPLUS student access code.

Students will go to the secure MyLabsPlus website to complete the required coursework. The purchased MyLabsPLUS access code includes the ebook and is good for one (1) year. Purchasing the access code is not the same as registering and paying tuition for a course. Therefore, students may continue to have access to the Learning Support course modules in MyLabsPLUS, but still need to register and pay tuition for the course to receive a grade.

Note: The code must say MyLabsPLUS. A code without the "PLUS" will not work.

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Module Topics

Module 1: Real Number Sense and Operations

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Module 2: Operations with Algebraic Expressions

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Module 3: Solving Equations

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Module 4: Analyze Graphs

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Module 5: Modeling and Critical Thinking

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For additional information contact the Mathematics Department.

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