Tennessee Promise

Applicant Certifications & Instructions

Applicant acknowledges that the institution has made a copy of the Tennessee Board of Regents’ “Policy on Use
of Campus Property and Facilities
” available for review and understands that a copy of such policy will be
provided upon request and payment of reasonable copying charges.

Applicant understands that filing of this application shall constitute agreement by applicant to the following

1. The intended use of campus property and facilities by applicant does not violate, and actual use will not violate, the provisions of the Tennessee Board of Regents’ “Policy on Use of Campus Property and Facilities,” or any policies or regulations of the institution or any federal, state or local law or regulation. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

2. Any use of campus property and facilities pursuant to this application that is contrary to such policies, laws or regulations or which is inconsistent with the activity as described in this application constitutes grounds for the institution to remove the activity from campus property.

3. Applicant agrees to indemnify the institution and hold it harmless from all liabilities arising out of
applicant’s use of institutional property and/or facilities, including but not limited to personal injury,
property damage, court costs or attorney’s fees.


5. Application must be completed and submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of event.


1. Type of activity refers to: Exhibit, Meeting, Class, Athletic Event, Social Function, etc.

2. Mail completed Facility Request form to:
    Southwest Tennessee Community College
    ATTN: Physical Plant
    P.O. Box 780
    Memphis, TN 38101-0780

3. Payment may be mailed or paid in person at the Bursar’s Office at either campus. If mailed, send to Southwest Tennessee Community College, ATTN: Bursar, P.O. Box 780, Memphis, TN 38101-0780.

4. A Student Services official must be in attendance at all student-related activities.