Student Development

Now accepting cheerleader applications.

Student Development provides a diverse programming that aids in the development of the student through student involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership, cultural, athletic and community activities.

Southwest Student Identification (ID) Cards are available in Student Development. ID cards must be worn at all times and clearly displayed when attending classes or participating in Southwest sponsored events.

From the Student Development Staff

Welcome to Southwest, the department of Student Development. As a student, you may not think much about getting involved but, researchers posit that campus involvement is important for two reasons: rich social lives and a sense of campus community (Elkins, Forrester, & Noel-Elkins, 2011; Schreiner, L., 2013). Both reasons for campus involvement will prove beneficial as you progress through College life. Campus involvement enhances student's development socially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. So, go ahead and join an organization or club, today.

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Elkins, D. J., Forrester, S.A., & Noel-Elkins, A.V. (2011). Students' perceived sense of campus community: The influence of out-of-class experiences. College Student Journal, 45(1), 105-121. Schreiner, L. (2013). Thriving in college. New Directions for Student Services, 143, 41-52.