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Waitlisting for Courses

Southwest uses waitlisting for select classes. The "Waitlist" option will allow you to wait on a list, on a first come, first "Waitlisted" basis, in the event that a space in a desired course becomes available.

The "Waitlist" is the only method that will be used to "crash" a closed class.

You must be eligible to register and must meet all requirements for enrollment in the class, such as prerequisites and other course restrictions. If you do not meet the class registration requirements, you will not be allowed to waitlist for the class.


  1. A class is closed or full. You choose the "Waitlist" option:
    1. Click the "Registration/On-line Services" link
    2. Click "Registration"
    3. "Select the Term"
    4. "Add or Drop Classes"
    5. Enter the CRN in the box under "Add Classes Worksheet" box. (The CRN is the five-digit number associated with the course example: 12345)
    6. Click "Submit Changes"
    7. From the "Action" column, select "Waitlist" from the drop-down box
    8. Click "Submit Changes"
  2. A space becomes available in the class selected for waitlist.
  3. The first person on the "Waitlist" will be notified by email to their Southwest email account.
    1. The email will indicate the deadline for registering for the class. If the first person does not register by the deadline, the next person will be notified by email and given a deadline.
    2. If you do not register for the course by the deadline, you may again sign-up for the "Waitlist" if the registration deadline has not passed and if the number of waitlisted spaces has not been exceeded.
  4. You may sign-up for a waitlist until the date prior to the posted last date of late registration.
Waitlist Sign-Up Dates
Semester Dates Last Date
Fall 2013 (August 24-December 12, 2013) August 22, 2013
Fall 2013 Flex I Term (August 24-October 13, 2013) August 22, 2013
Fall 2013 Flex II Term (October 16-December 12, 2013) October 14, 2013
Spring 2014 (January 16-May 8, 2014) January 14, 2014
Spring 2014 Flex I Term (January 16-March 7, 2014 January 14, 2014
Spring 2014 Flex II Term (March 12-May 8, 2014) March 10, 2014

After you have received email notification that your waitlisted class is available, you must then register for the class by the deadline date and time as indicated in your email.

  1. Click "Registration"
  2. "Add or Drop Classes"
  3. Select the appropriate "term"
  4. You will see the class for which you have waitlisted
  5. From the "Action" column, select "Web Registered" from the drop-down box
  6. Click "Submit Changes"

Note: Courses with sections beginning with "R" are not available for waitlisting.

Still have questions? Check out our Waitlist Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).