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A Department of Extended Programs

Verneta Boone, Director

The Whitehaven Center fulfills the Southwest mission by offering conveniently located, state-of-the-art education opportunities to the Whitehaven community, including substantial areas in the southwest section of Memphis and Shelby County. Community partnerships enhance the center's ability to serve area residents.

The Whitehaven Center has served the community since 1978 in serval locations, moving and upgrading facilities as the needs of residents require. Now located at 3035 Directors Row, the Center has expanded its space, adding seven 21st-century classrooms with access to current information and teaching technology.

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Full-time faculty members are assigned to the Whitehaven Center and work diligently to provide consistency in relationships with our students. Southwest's policy of small classes helps instructors maintain one-on-one attention to all students. In addition to teaching, faculty are available as advisors and mentors to students.